Saturday, July 28, 2012

Taking a trip

Every year my son and I pack up our stuff (everything but the kitchen sink) and head up to our camp. We leave the last Saturday of July and stay (hopefully) for a week. Returning on Sunday. We look forward every year to camp week. I have been going for 33 years, and my son has been going for ten.

Every year, I write out a very thorough list of what needs to come and what we need to buy. I feel like Santa as I make my list and check it twice, then three or four more times to be on the safe side. I always manage to remember everything on the list. I pack up our car and confidently drive the 45 minutes to the camp.

Then I spend and hour unpacking everything and wondering "Why? Why did I pack so much stuff? We aren't moving here permanently." As I open the windows, dust away the cobwebs and put away the food I always find 2-3 things I forgot to add to my list.

Is this an obligatory part of any trip or just my trips? This year I forgot shampoo, conditioner, body wash and my sons Nintendo DS charger. Of all the things to forget.... So just as we were settling in we jumped into and off we went to Walmart to pick up these few items. Last year it was toothpaste, ketchup and batteries. I guess it is just part of the joy of taking a vacation. Does this happen to you or am I really the only one? Have a lovely week.

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