Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sometimes I get jealous

As my title states- sometimes I get jealous. Of the aunt who took her two dogs through a drive through car wash and the big dog in the back freaked out so much he defecated all over the back seat only to climb in front and do the same to the small lapdog, and all the groceries she had just bought. I laughed so hard I think I pulled something.

Or how about the friend who is having/had leakage problems a d went for physical therapy for it where they stuck electrodes to her wahoo and shocked her to get the muscles to contract....

I mean really, why couldn't those things happen to me? I would have sooo much to write about here to keep you all entertained. (Myself included)

Instead all I have to share is that my dr told me I am an oxymoron times two. Yes, not only do I have runners knee, now I have tennis elbow too. Do you have any idea how good a shape I'd be in if I did both or even either of those things? But no...I almost gave myself a heart attack or stroke trying to run a quarter of a lap at the community track to keep up with my son (and let's just be clear how far I really ran.....it's 12 laps per mile). Yeah, I'm a real athlete.

I did have another bizarre thing happen today...nothing huge or jaw dropping but while at my office talking to the office manager a former coworker came up behind me, grabbed a roll of fat and hung on while talking to the office manager. What do you do with that? How does a person respond to such a thing? Well, I didn't do anything, I had no idea how to address it. When he was done talking to the manager he pulled on my hair (gently) and walked out the door.

Somewhat weird....somewhat funny......I'd still rather have the other stories.....just sayin...