Saturday, July 14, 2012


As some of you may know by now, I have a pet hamster named Sophie. I got her for my son because we had tried to keep fish and ended up killing every single one of them. So, when he begged for another pet I, in my infinite wisdom, said sure. I let my son pick out the rodent of his choice. My first thought was that he made a fine choice. She was sweet, the pet store clerks assured us she was a very docile hamster who would be just great for handling. I was told by said clerks that she could very easily be trained to sit in our shirt pocket and "hang out" as well as be held quietly. This was good. This is what I wanted for my son and I in our pet hamster.

This, however, is NOT what we got. While Sophie does have a sweet nature and is very gentle (doesn't try to bite us at all) she is not quiet or stay still unless she is asleep in her cage. Which as many know is during the day as hamsters are nocturnal by nature. When she comes out to play she seems to think she is training for the upcoming Olympics. She is off and scurrying up our arms, leaping from our hands to the sofa if she thinks she can feasibly make the jump. She burrows into the couch cushions and under the pillows. We bought a little play pen for her hoping she would like to have another place to move about but turn your back for a second and she treats it like a hurdle and is racing for parts uncharted before you know what's happened.

Now hamsters need to chew and gnaw to keep their teeth healthy. So with this in mind I have bought quite the variety of chew toys for Sophie. She has her pick on any given day from 3-5 types of chews cause every woman deserves the right to variety right? Anyway, EVERY time I put toys in the cage, she takes them and hides them. Now mind you she won't put them in her "special place" until we are not looking. (like I really want to steal her apple stick or cheesy chew....). Anyway, with the treasures hidden away from view guess what Sophie would rather chew? The metal bars of the cage! Yeah, that's right. Do you have any idea how annoying that sounds in the middle of the night? Let me tell you: I get a little irritated. The first couple of nights I thought we might have prowlers in the house.

She even has a wheel, because the pet store clerk assured me that hamsters will run most of the night. Out in the wild they apparent run for miles. Not my Sophie. She uses her wheel like her personal throne from which she stares at me as if to shame me for keeping her locked away. She gives me a look as if to say: "Why don't you give me anything to chew? Look at my home. Do you see anything here? No toys, no food." (this immediately gets hidden as well)

I really don't even know what she eats because it seems like I throw out all the food when I clean the cage. However, I do know she DOES eat because she's getting quite pudgy if you ask me. She could use a night or two on the wheel.

So to sum up: I have an allergic hamster who apart from being gentle is NOT your typical hamster. Good grief. Happy pet owning everyone. Do you have a strange pet? If so, please share.

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