Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I'd feel sorry for her if it wasn't so funny...

So, if you remember correctly Pepper is back. She is fatter than ever, so I don't feel bad about not feeding her for the last 1&1/2 years. She broke my bird feeder to gain more access to the food and continually looks at me through the window as if to say: "What? I have every right to be here, it's MY food!" Today my sons case manager came over to discuss the lack of communication between us and his school, as well as the lack of a divorce!!! I pointed out Pepper to her as we sat on the couch discussing how best to help my son.

Have I ever told you how much I love our case manager? Cause I do. She is awesome, she has helped us so much and has a twisted sense of humor like I do. She remarked on how fat Pepper's butt is then quietly got up and moved by the window. This was done while Pepper had a mouth full of seeds being deposited in her hiding place. (BTW- she's not very smart because I watch her hide them so I know where they are.....does that mean Pepper could be a man?). So, the case manager hid out of sight from Pepper as she made her way back for more food. As soon as she jumped onto the feeder our case manager jumped in front of the window, banged on it and screamed the house down. That squirrel flew so far and so fast I think it evolved into a flying squirrel.... I almost peed my pants from the shock and hilarity of the moment. (Seriously...had NO idea she was going to do that!)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Pepper is back

I decided enough time had gone by that I would fill the bird feeder again. I mean, how long do squirrels live anyway? Don't they at least move on when the gravy train leaves the station?

I guess not, maybe the recession has hit the wildlife population? Anyway, I can spend the rest of the year pondering these issues, but I don't have the energy.

Needless to say I decided to put bird seed in the bird feeder again to help out the birds this winter season. The only thing coming to my feeder is Pepper the squirrel. Not only is she eating all the food...she decided se wanted better access to said bird food. Every visit to the feeder also has her looking in the window, I'm really not sure if she's laughing at me or thanking me...hmmm.

Granted the feeder is old- 10 years old to be exact- but still....she tore the top off. I give up. Do I continue to feed the squirrel? Or get rid of the feeder? (Actually I'll be getting rid of the feeder anyway, I mean it IS broken.)