Monday, July 9, 2012

Terror on two wheels

Terror was struck in the hearts of millions...well, hundreds....ok fine! So it was only one, and that one is me.

I decided to get back up on that bike and ride again this morning. Well, I started up a little less wobbly this time, and off I went feeling much more confident this time around.

The first terror I came across was having to pass TWO women who were running side by side!! Yikes! How was supposed to do this? What is the etiquette? I mean the biggest space was between them as they had split the path into thirds. I was debating calling out "excuse me! Fat lady with little to no control over her bike coming through! Move out of the way please!" buy just as I took in a lungful of air they stopped running and have moved to a walk, and moved over to the side on their own. (ok, so one lady had looked back and probably guessed how inexperienced I am and didn't want ALL of this landing on her)

So on I went, then I noticed that as I was pedaling along my very maximus gluteus maximus was bouncing up and down so much I felt like I was on a trampoline. So I started coasting to get the jiggle under control, and realized I will not be able to pedal when passing anyone....EVER! Pretty sure jiggling and bouncing are not part of the biking experience, this was further enforced by seeing all of the other cyclists go by smoothly- not a bounce or jiggle in sight. Will I ever be able to ride like that?

And on I went, I rode 3 & 1/2 miles today (almost twice as far as last week- still pretty pathetic but I'm getting there.) Anyway, I had to pass several people, some with dogs - still strikes fear in my soul, I keep waiting for these dogs to smell my fear and give chase. Then came the 2 90 degree turns (4 if you count the round trip -
And I certainly do!) thank goodness no one was around to see those. I slowed down so much I almost fell from lack of speed let alone the turns themselves. (I'm pretty sure I squealed like a little girl for at least 2 of them but I'm not positive- it was all a blur for me)

So, through all the scariness I managed to stay upright for the entire ride, and didn't get whipped in the face with any vines. So for all the jiggling it was still a better ride than last week. Let's hope it continues to get better and better.....

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