Friday, March 30, 2012

Bucket list

So I guess I can add "BEING" a stalker to my "other bucket list".

There is a really nice/very cute guy where I get coffee. I happened to stop here a while back because it was on the way to where I was taking a client. I usually stop at other coffee shops, well I DID. Now I find myself deliberately going out of my way to get coffee from his store.

He is very nice every time I see him. I think in reality he is just being a great server, but in my mind he's flirting with me and we might get married. :)

When I walk in, I am immediately looking for him, if I spy him, I quickly look away so he doesn't realize I'm stalking him. However, he always will go out of his way to wave or smile. He has even been known to wave both arms around to get MY attention. Of course this is because he doesn't realize I'm just playing hard to get. I'm way ahead of him. Already seen him and I'm planning the wedding.

Ok, so I'm not really planning a wedding, and I'm not REALLY stalking him, but I do go to his store hoping to see him. I also am drinking A LOT more coffee than before. ;)

I think this morning he might have been trying to subtly ask me out, or at least feel me out as to whether or not I am interested (I AM! I say jumping up and down) but my stupid MS was acting up at the worst possible time. I didn't really catch his question about my weekend and instead of asking hi to repeat it I gave an answer that by the look on his face didn't make much sense. When I analyzed the conversation later I realized I may have made a mistake. Drat, drat, and double drat! Foiled again!

Hope he asks again, and yes, I blamed the MS! This is the first time in over a month I've blamed my MS for my stupidity so I'm long overdue!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Straight face

It can be hard to keep a straight face when dealing with children. Especially when they are having a "hissy fit".

My son was in Spring Harbor for 6 weeks. He got a lot of help while there and has come such a long way. This does not mean I was under any delusions that he was "fixed" or "cured". I knew that this was just a jumping off point. They got us started and now it's up to us (hopefully-soon-to-be-ex and I) to keep the momentum going so he continues to grow in his ability to cope and be flexible.

I had a great honeymoon period, although it was only just under 48 hours. We went to the library. When he said that since he was only going to check out one book so I should buy him something at SAMS Club. I explained that I wasn't going to do that (other than the gum I was getting him). He proceeded to get very loud at the library. We got in the car where he then told me how it's been 5 months since we last got him anything. I reminded
Him that Christmas was less than three months ago, his dad got him a toy on Thursday, we took him out to lunch Thursday, took him out to eat Friday night with his grandparents, AND I bought several things for him to earn (3 of which he already earned for such great choices and behavior!) none of this was true according to him. He hadn't gotten anything in at least 7 months. (it keeps growing)
He then decided to talk to himself (so I could hear- for a reaction I'm sure) stating that he wants to die. He doesn't get anything from his parents. He doesn't get to eat ever, nothing to drink, no toys to play with, he never gets to go out, life is too boring to want to live, if his mom and dad don't stop being so rude to him he will get new parents who will be nice to him. Because my child who has a whole room dedicated to his toys and games and trampoline and therapy items has nothing. We won't even let him eat or drink. We are so mean! All he can do is lay there and stare into nothing.

Needless to say, this went on for about 20 minutes. The whole time I ignored him so as not get into the "debate" he so wanted. I did remind him that he lost a point for "kind and appropriate words". This is why the inside of my cheek is raw. I kept biting it to keep from laughing at my child.

We arrived home, he laid on my lap on the couch and cried for about a minute before he was back to being this amazing kid that came home from SH. I love my child and realize he struggles with things most of us find so easy and simple, but today I think he was just being a kid, and I'm proud of myself for following the plan, and especially for keeping a straight face.

Kids say the darnedest things......

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Well, I did it. I even got some laughs. I really cut loose Thursday night. I had a few drinks, 3 and didn't even have to buy any myself. Yes, I was that good. Ha! After stand-up we went to OPT for karaoke. There was a drunk couple there who were trying to give me "material" for my stand-up career I finally had to stop them by telling them to relax. If I can find material at
The gynecologist office, I could find some at OPT.

The surprise of the night was not that I got some laughs, but that I did karaoke and was one of the worst ones up there. Those of you who know me know I actually have a lot of singing experience and training. So why was I so terrible? I blame the alcohol. I don't usually drink so it hit me pretty hard. (I also blame the alcohol for getting me up there to sing in the first place. )

This picture is from OPT, but not of me

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Poise pads

Well, I mentioned it a while ago, and the time has finally come. I am going to buy stock in poise pads.

Why you ask? Because I think I'll be having an accident later this week. Ok, so I don't need to buy stock, just one package of them.

I bet I've caught your attention now huh? Well, if you don't remember, or never read the post- I agreed to do stand-up at open mic night. Yes, I've completely lost my mind, I blame my friend, it's her fault. At least she's driving so I can get plowed cause I think I'm gonna need it. As well as the poise pads. I think I should buy them tomorrow, cause I already feel like I'm about to have an accident! Cheers!

And hey, wish me well and lets hope I can be funny!