Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Damn! He did it again

Seriously? What is it about men and hickeys? Or is it just my man?

When I first started seeing him I remember one of our first "make out session" (how high school do I feel right now?) he asked me how I feel about hickeys. Before I could even form a thought -that's how good he is- he dove right in and next thing I knew I had a hickey. OMGoodness!! I HATE hickeys. The only one I ever really enjoyed was when I was visiting a gay friend in college with my best friend M. We were all joking around and he was kissing her neck and gave her a hickey by accident. It was funny, really funny. She didn't believe us when we told her she had it until she looked in the mirror and almost killed him. (you really had to be there to fully understand the hot, but trust me, it was hysterical)

Anyway, I'm not a fan. So, today I went over to see my guy (we have opposite schedules and both have kids so it's difficult to get together-if you know what I mean;~}) so we started kissing and next thing I realize I'm feeling way too much suction so I pulled away. Needless to say, I THOUGHT I pulled away in time- I did not. When I left I looked into my mirror in the car to see a hickey on my neck. I'm gonna hurt him, I really think I will. Ok, well maybe not, but if he does it again........


  1. Wow, I thought it was something only teenagers did for a laugh, I never realised there were adults who were into that sort of thing. Did you not find it hard to explain to people how you got it? I would have been so embarrassed myself, You should tell him though ;-)

  2. I thought it was only teenagers did too. The last one was somewhat easy to cover up with clothing and hair, but now it's summer: I've had a haircut and it's too hot for scarves. I told a few friends what happened the first time, don't know what I'll say this time. It's not quite as noticeable- maybe if I just angle my head........ Don't know what my ex will say when he comes to get our son. Do I really care? Probably not, but oh the embarrassment. Thanks for visiting.