Monday, September 30, 2013

Rice Sock to the Rescue!

I have lived in my house for over 12 years. The first 9 years were with my husband before he left, the last 11 with my beautiful son. Throughout all that time I have never once felt unsafe or scared in my house. I happily sleep alone with nary a care. I could never understand why my ex husband was always so scared at night. I would work late or pick up an overnight shift and find out sometimes years later that he was so scared of the noises of an old house and busy street he would wake our young son up and/or call his mom.  I just couldn't relate to the inability to be alone to the degree he lived with every day. Now, it's been 3 years since he left me so I have no idea if he has learned to be at peace alone or not...all I know is that a couple of nights ago I got a taste of being nervous in my house without someone there to protect this how the ex felt every night?  

I woke at 3:30am, the house was dark, I heard a noise that sounded like someone was in the washing machine or dryer and trying to get out.  (Strange I know, but that's what I likened the sound to at the time). The intermittent banging sounding like it was coming from downstairs had my heart pounding in my chest as I lay in bed straining to hear if my attackers were coming to defend myself and my precious child?  I admit it was a terrifying moment. I slowly and as quietly as possible climbed out of bed, grabbed the only weapon (of sorts) at my immediate disposal: my rice sock.  I mean, it's heavy so I figure I might be able to knock a burglar out and give me time to call the police right?  Hit him just right and I could do some damage with this sucker!  It's therapeutic on so many levels....

I crept slowly to my bedroom door, as I approached the top of my stairs I heard the terrifying sound again- it was coming from my open window......from the Hannafords distribution center behind my neighborhood........really?  I was scared of trucks being loaded in the distance?  I breathed a huge sigh of relief....and went back to bed. 

I wasn't really scared........

But I sure am glad I had my rice sock.....just sayin....

Friday, September 27, 2013

Interesting times....

I don't know how funny this post will be, more interesting than anything I guess.  I will apologize now if I disappoint you.

I use this blog to write about my personal experiences that I find funny/interesting/weird and write about them with my own unique look at them. This blog has been an outlet for me, and while public I find it interesting to learn that certain people read it to "keep tabs on me" 

First I will say, this is MY blog, I can write whatever I want to in it and do not need to explain myself to anyone. I don't need to explain timelines which may or may not be accurate depending on when I write immediately or feel the need to ruminate on the subject. 

Second I will say, I find it odd when people walk out of my life why they apparently don't have a life which is fulfilling enough to live without having to know the details of mine. It must be awfully frustrating to know I don't regularly post every detail, although I will admit, you do get about half of the interesting stories.....too bad that I have a mental filter or two and you don't get some of the more interesting details......
Sorry about that ;)

Monday, September 2, 2013

How to wake up

As many who know me realizes, I have a problem with fatigue. My energy levels ebb and flow like the tide. I can go from having so much energy that I can accomplish a massive amount in a day or I can lay on the couch for a week and am barely coherent, unable to move or keep my eyes open. 

The other day I was having a fatigue type of day. I was laying on the couch eyes closed listening to my son play on the computer oohing and ahhing over cute kitty videos.   While I was laying there I kept thinking that I needed to find some energy so I could get up and get a few things accomplished including making more pickles (I have a problem, but that's a story for another day) and cook supper for my child. However, my body was saying........the heck with that!  (I will admit that my body was saying it in a slightly more profane way) when a bug of undetermined size flew up my nose while inhaling. I have never woken up so quickly and been filled with such energy in the span of only a nanosecond. I spent 5 minutes blowing my nose because I could still feel that bug up there -even though I'm pretty sure it wasn't really there at that point. I sat staring around me wild eyed looking for fruit flies or anything else that might be in my vicinity. I was ready to stop another attack on my nostrils. 

I would love to tell you that with this new found energy I accomplished everything I had been thinking of while laying down unable to open my eyes but I would be lying. While I had energy I was too busy looking for the next surprise attack and wondering what had just happened. Maybe next time I will think to use my newfound energy in a more advantageous way.   

Massage vs para massage

I've been a licensed massage therapist for several years now. I, and most of my colleagues, work really hard to educate people on the benefits of massage as a legitimate health care option when working towards total body wellness. 

Lately there have been several places in Maine which have come under scrutiny because of their practices. Some for not operating with a license, or offering "other services" for their patrons. I'm sure you can guess what types of services I'm talking about......

This type of practice gives those of us who work hard and are ethical and professional a bad name. A friend of mine who is an amazing therapist has even talked about giving her practice up because of all the gossip, innuendo and looks she sees and hears while out and about in her town. 

This is down right disgraceful if you ask me. But this isn't even the main topic for my blog today....the main topic is para massage. What is paramassage you might ask?  Well, according to Scarborough's town ordinance it is defined as: 

  Any method of rubbing, kneading, tapping, vibration, compression, percussion, application of friction or manipulation of the external parts of the human body with the hands or other parts of the body or with the aid of any instrument or device, and which is not massage therapy.

And a paramassage establishment is defined as:

Any business, including but not limited to sole proprietorship, in which the business operation consists of providing or making available para-massage for consideration or with the expectation of receiving consideration or any gratuity, whether or not the business has a fixed place of business within the limits of the Town.

Say WHAT???  Did you read what I read?  Does this mean what I think it means?  It looks like a brothel to me!  And it's legal in Scarborough.  There are the usual business practice guidelines etc that need to be followed, but really....  You can read them for yourself here:

Maybe I missed my true calling?  I mean considering my license plate is the $39.99 special.......just a thought