Thursday, July 18, 2013


I went to SAMS club today because I had a few things to buy for the party on Saturday and it was going to be my only chance. I'm glad I did. One of the associates walked by and I had to flag her down. I had to get a better look at her tattoo, and get a picture so my son could see.  It's a pretty cool and detailed tattoo with more being added around the underside of her arm.  My only criticism is how she's going to feel in 40 years with Mario characters covering her whole upper arm?  Just sayin....

Monday, July 15, 2013

I love to sing

I have always loved to sing. My mother loves to tell anyone that I was singing "The Sweetheart Tree" and reciting the pledge of allegiance when I was 2 years old. She also likes to tell people that, by being born in a teaching hospital (and her not knowing she could refuse) I was born to a room full of light and the applause of several student doctors.  This must be where I get my love of performing from. 

As I was saying, I love to sing, I sang in the children's choir and then the adult choir. I sang in chorus throughout school and even went to college for music education and sang my way through there too. I have sung at weddings and funerals, local music theatre and recitals. I am even asked to sing as a soloist at a couple churches now and then. Unfortunately my life has been very busy over the last several years and this is one passion that has been put on the sidelines mostly. I do however still love to sing and have finally found my niche. 

I sing at the home I currently work in. (I work with adults with developmental disabilities)  I have recently found that my current consumer LOVES when I sing. My past clients have hated my singing and I have used it to "persuade" them to do what they need to be doing. (I don't think you can say its violating clients rights or real torture because I can sing lol). These clients all like heavy metal and screaming like Korn or Disturbed, not opera, broadway or gospel. 

This client however likes my singing!  She really does. The only problem.........she's deaf!  I guess this is what my life has come to.....singing to deaf people. Well, we are both happy and that's all that counts right?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hi, my new name is Grover

Tonight I lived one of my favorite moments from Sesame Street. Talking to my son I asked "why?" And signed it as I said it.  He then kept asking about the sign as I kept signing and saying "why". 

It took me several minutes to realize what he was doing. I can't believe he "got me" so easily. Especially where the Y skit with Grover and Prairie Dawn was one of my all time favorites (just behind Grover's "This is near.....and this is far" skit.  I felt unbelievably stupid but incredibly proud of my son at the same time...

So, in the words of my beloved Grover:

"I'm so embarrassed........"

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hickey part III.....

Well, turns out its not just men who like to give me hickeys.....what do I mean you ask?

Today I went grocery shopping.  I got home and while trying to bring in grocery shopping a beetle attacked me. I'm used to being hit by bugs once in a while, but this thing kept going for my neck. So, after I finished screaming like a little girl because it was obviously out to "get me" I realized he just had a crush and was trying to leave his mark on me to warn off all the other beetles out there that I was spoken for.  However, I'm still not keen on hickeys at all!

Future reference to one and all who may be interested in me: a nice card or flower will work better than a bruise on my skin.......just sayin

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hickeys part II...or is it III?

I know I've mentioned that I hate hickeys before right?  Well, it's still true. A couple of weeks ago I decided to try and put myself "back out there".  I met a guy, we talked, we met...we kissed...he's a good kisser, I didn't realize he had such a large mouth, or had quite so much suction. 

The next morning, and this shows how awake I was, I got out of the shower and thought my tattoo was running/melting lol. Needless to say- I didn't see him again. 

I really hate hickeys-no joke!


My father let my son drive his John Deere mower. He did a great job, although I guess the first time around he almost took out my mothers car. He was so proud of himself. As well he should be...

I was given the same opportunity at his age by my grandparents. They let me try their ride on mower.....I drove it right I to their back steps. Needless to say that at the age of 40 I haven't been on one since. 

When I was 12, I drove their 4-wheeler---right into the electric fence. This time they did let me drive it again and I did get better. However, I was riding out in the fields one day and stalled it about 1/2-3/4 of a mile out. My grandfather had to walk all the way out to start it again for me. I was told I couldn't ride it again until I could start it. (It was a pull start)   Again, needless to say, I never rode it again. To this day I even have an electric push mower. The electric cord is a pain, but I can start it.....

Long story short- my boy is growing up and so far he is a better driver than I was at his age. We'll see though, I will officially label him a better driver if he can refrain from driving into his high school in front of a bus full of students, a teacher AND the principal. (True story!)