Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Handbags and purses

I know a lot of women who are obsessed with certain items. Namely shoes and handbags. These two seem to be some of the most popular. I have to admit I've never been that interested myself.

If I have a passion, it's for gadgets (sadly I don't have a lot as I can't afford them, but it doesn't stop me from coveting them) anyway, I have this aunt who is a..... Well..... Let's just say she has a shopping problem. Don't get me wrong, I'm so not complaining as I can and have ended up on the receiving end of some of her castoffs.

Aunt K has a deal with my uncle. If she buys something new, she has to purge something to make room. All I have to say K is purge and buy to your hearts content. (just remember me when you get to the purging part)

One of the things she likes to buy is handbags. So, every so often I get a call asking me if I want new purses or if he should bring them to Goodwill. Really? Do you have to ask? I don't say this because I am obsessed with purses myself, but because even I want to change it up sometimes and I don't have the money to buy nice bags myself.

Now here's the rub, on the rare occasion I have bought myself a new handbag NO ONE has EVER complimented me on it. However, whenever I switch to one of K's bags everyone raves about what great taste I have in handbags.

So the question just begs to be asked: do I have terrible taste in handbags? A co-worker stated that I must. I pointed out that everyone loves the bags I pick from my aunt, so doesn't that count for anything? Apparently not for without ever seeing the full selection of bags I had to choose from my co-worker decided that my aunt K must just have impeccable taste and they were all fabulous.

Guess where I'll be shopping for ALL my handbags from now on? That's right... Come on aunt K, Emi needs a brand new bag! Get out there and shop till you drop and send me the cast offs. I'm not picky. Anything is better then what I can pick out apparently.

This is the bag I'm currently using with many thanks to my wonderful aunt K!

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