Monday, May 21, 2012

Only me....

So, as we all know I am "at that age" according to my doctor. I recently got a second senior citizen discount at Dunkin Donuts. We all also know that I am NOT known for my grace.

This all leads up to my hurting/ possibly spraining my ankle without my knowledge. How does this happen? Am I making mistakes in my sleep? I never thought of myself as a violent sleeper, but maybe I am. I don't know, I asleep and I sleep alone (mostly) do there is no one to tell me about potential violent tendencies in my sleeping state.

Anyway, I can barely walk, I can't touch the inside of my left ankle because it is too painful and have realized that there is some edema in this area. (not my whole ankle, just the medial side-weird)

I don't know of a whole lot of people who can injure themselves without any actual trauma to the area. But there it is. I will keep an eye on it, when I get home I'll ice it and see what happens. If it doesn't get better I see my dr next week anyway.

Another item for the "Bucket list"? I think so, I think so. I have to say: in the words of my wonderful grandmother..... "I am SO lucky!"

This picture shows the indentation from my sock- its only in the injured area and not around my whole ankle. Again, very weird. Guess I'm a very talented woman.


  1. Didn't you say you went on a hike with William this weekend? Maybe you got some sort of "shin splints"... in your... ankle. Ya. There's my medical diagnoses for ya.

  2. Someone's got a voodoo doll!!!! That's my diagnoses! About sleeping alone..... Where's the toys?