Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How embarrassing

I might have mentioned before that I'm getting a divorce. Have I mentioned I'm a week away from turning 39? Or that I'm pretty darn sure I've hit my sexual prime? It's pretty much ALL I think about in my down time- I feel like a man ;~} -

Anyway, possible TMI alert. Might want to turn away now........

So, being alone and in "my prime" is NOT the most ideal situation to find myself. I am seriously thinking about buying stock in batteries. (don't get upset with me, I warned you! Theres still time to turn away). Yes, I have some toys, of the adult nature.

I just read a great book- 50 Shades of Grey. Loved it, I'm waiting till Friday when I get paid to buy the other 2 books in the trilogy. Anyway, they are very graphic of a sexual nature. Last week I brought a toy to work. Sounds like a terrible thug to do right? Well, probably, but my client is in bed at 7pm and I'm there till 11pm and there is a private staff bedroom. Still inappropriate I know, but a woman has needs. So sue me.......

Here's the embarrassing part- no, no one walked in me, that would be mortifying. No, I forgot my toy was in my pocketbook and the next morning when I got to my sons school for his IEP meeting it went off. At first I though it was my phone, that someone was calling me and it was on vibrate. Oh, how wrong I was.

Picture it: Thursday morning 7:45 am I'm standing in front of my sons teacher, social worker, case manager, speech therapist, and special Ed coordinator and my toy starts vibrating as I try frantically to turn it off in a very non-challant way. I don't think my face has ever been that red.

Good news, I don't thin anyone realized what ACTUALLY happened, but really......

How embarrassing.

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