Sunday, May 13, 2012


So I took my son to a bowling party yesterday. To watch him play with the big balls was surprising. He handled his balls well. Whenever I've played with the big balls (only twice). I've gotten bowling injuries.

Yes, I am THAT good. See, I grew up playing with small balls, and even then I was never good with them. I had never played with big balls until a friend had a party. The big balls scare me, so I tried out different weights, found one that I thought I could handle. When it was my turn, I threw my ball backwards almost knocking out the birthday girl. The next time I was up I three my ball in the right direction---sort of---- I even got a strike! Well, it was 3 lanes over, but it was a strike nonetheless. The gentleman in that lane was ok with it.

Now, that same throw I fell and landed in the gutter bruising my hip. Yeah, I'm impressive when it comes to handling my big balls. So, if you want to play with the big balls let me know and I'll be your entertainment for the evening.

I guess what it comes down to is that my son is better at playing with his balls than I am with mine. That's as it should be I think. 😊 Although I am much more entertaining with mine.

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