Friday, May 4, 2012

Chocolate bonbon

This is a story about a boy and a girl, how they fell in love, and got engaged to be married this pushing me into a mental breakdown.

How does that work you ask? Well, my friend asked me to be in her wedding. (I think she felt obligated since she was my maid of honor) I was thrilled for her, really I was. Being in love and pledging yourselves to each other is a beautiful thing. I truly believe that, even being a little jaded from my own.

Well, next I heard about the wedding was when my friend told me she had picked out the bridesmaid dresses. She was beyond excited. Even told me that it was perfect and would flatter everyone's body type. This put me at ease, as I'm very self-conscious about my body. Then she showed me the dress. Really? Flatter everyone? Is she high??? At least it was a beautiful color: dark chocolate brown.

The rest of it? Form fitting and strapless! Need I say more? I mean come on. My figure is round. Who honestly thinks form fitting and strapless looks good on round??

Thus my nervous breakdown.... This was February and the wedding was scheduled for October. Guess it was time to stop eating till the wedding.

A few weeks later she asked me if I had ordered my dress, everyone else had. So I went, ordered and paid for this beautiful and horrible gown. A month later I was told it was in. I put off picking up the gown for as long as I possibly could. My friend called me every 2 days asking me to please please please pick up the dress.

Then I got the call from said friend saying she called off the wedding.. I went to David Bridal and tried to get my money back. I mean, they were still in possession of the dress. They knew it had never been worn, but they refused. They told me the bride needed to ok the return. She called them and they still refused to give me a refund. They did however, offer to exchange the dress for another formal gown. Seriously? I am such a casual girl it isn't funny. I don't dress up for anything. Ok, well I'll make the effort for weddings and funerals, but other than that? I don't go anywhere I need to dress up. I get peed on, thrown up on, clothes ripped at work. I'm dressing for comfort with a change of clothes in the car!!

I brought the dress home. It's still hanging in my closet 5 years later.....

They eventually worked through their issues and got married a year and a half later. By then I was not where I wanted to be as far as weight (when was the last time I was? That's what I want to know) is concerned. I bowed out of the wedding party, but happily agreed to sing for them during the ceremony. It worked out for the best. If I had been in the wedding I would have been the chocolate bonbon rolling down the aisle.

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