Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Iced coffee please

I like my iced coffee. No, I LOVE my iced coffee. No one better come between me and my iced coffee....

So I went and bought my iced coffee this afternoon: there are a lot of new staff who are working at the DD I usually visit.

There is a new kid- Ken, or Keith or something. Sorry, I'm terrible with names. Anyway Ken/Keith waited on me yesterday and it went fine, today was a little more interesting......

Me: I would like a large iced coffee with cream and sugar please.
Ken/Keith: 1 large iced latte
Me: iced coffee please
Ken/Keith: oh ok, sorry, 1 large iced latte
Me: no, I want an iced coffee please.
Ken/Keith: oh sorry, 1 large iced coffee.
Me: yes, thank you.

Another staff, who knows my order, walks over tells Ken/Keith to stop for a minute, asks me if I ordered a latte. I said: no, I ordered my regular large iced coffee with cream and sugar.
She tells Ken/Keith to change my drink to an iced coffee?

Did I not make myself clear? For the love of God and everything Holy.....
Does iced coffee really sound like iced latte? I don't think so.....

Ah well, I. Write this with my iced coffee sitting on the table next to me. ;~}

Enjoy your day...

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