Monday, June 6, 2011

I hate vomit

So my son went to a high school students graduation party yesterday. From which his father got him home after bed time. Also let him over eat (3 hamburgers, several types of chips, soda, and goodness knows what else) not that his father will admit this.
Anyway, I got home from work at 9:30pm, took a shower and went to bed. I was eager as I have the emergency cell phone for my company and it has been busy. I've gotten calls at 4am and calls an hour after I've gone to bed, and all manner of times in between. So I was happy to climb into bed and fall asleep, and I did, quickly too. I wish I could now tell you that I had a great sleep and woke rested. Unfortunately, this was not to be.....
I was woken 1&1/2 hours after I fell asleep, at midnight, by my son being sick in the little bathroom that adjoins our rooms. I got up quickly and went to him. I cleaned him up, as he was covered in well, you know what, he told me he was sick on his bed, being half asleep I started towards his bed in the dark to clean up the "sick". Well, this is the part where you should stop reading if you hate vomit as much as me. Still reading? Ok, but you've been warned.
I took a step into his room and stepped right into a big puddle of "sick". It was like being on a slip-n-slide. In bare feet!!! I was ready to be sick myself. Once I finally got off the ride, I started cleaning everything up.
Once this was all taken care of, I brought my son to my room to sleep with me. Not in an Oedipal way, just to keep an eye on him and to be close if needed. Although I did pray that he wouldn't be sick in my bed. I have a queen size bed, shouldn't be too crowded right? That's what I hoped, it was fine at first, he was solidly on his side, and I was partially in the middle as he likes to "crowd me". We would have been fine if that's how we stayed, but I finally drifted off. I awoke to find myself clinging to the very edge of the bed like a spider monkey facing away from my son. It was then I realized why I woke: I was being kneed and kicked repeatedly in the ass by my son. He was sound asleep while doing this.
Is this a subconcious act? Is he seeking his revenge for having to eat fruits and vegetables? Probably not. I think it is his retribution for not getting his Webkinz the other day. Heaven help me. I gardened yesterday at my clients home, and for that I have muscles that I never knew of yelling at me when I move, but on top of this, the best of the best, is that for my concern and kindness for my son and his well being, my ass hurts when I sit too. I tell you, some days it doesn't pay to get up, or go to bed. Till next time......

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