Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Funny or just evil?

So I've been thinking about my sense of humor, do others think I'm funny or do they think I'm sick, or evil, or just plain mean? The reason I ask is I recently decided to get a haircut for the first time in a year and a half. I was with one of my clients when I scheduled it. We got back to my clients house and I told both clients and the other staff about my upcoming cut I told them I was going to go bald. They were not impressed. One even asked me not to. She said "please don't go bald, you'll look like Sinead.". I pointed out that while the singer looked different when bald, but was still pretty. Her response was "But you won't be pretty anymore.". How sweet is that? But I still didn't alleviate their fears.
I told my mother the same thing, she seemed pretty upset with me. Anyway, I got my haircut yesterday, I love it, but i still want to find a bald cap to wear to work tomorrow. If I could find one I'd do it too. Is that wrong? Am I carrying this too far? I texted staff yesterday that she could just call me Sinead.
Now, this is only one example. I remember when I was pregnant I discussed names with my mother. She didn't like my choices. I on the other hand thought they were hilarious. Boys names were best: Laurence Maurice, and call him: Larry Moe Curry! Come on, that's funny, and clever. There was also Noah Moore Curry, and for an "out there" name: Thatsa Spicy Curry. I was really having fun. Mom threatened to rename my child. Is it me? Do I go overboard? This has been going all my life. I used to wind up my mom with the simplest of stories such as: making her think I failed tests when I had really aced them. So back to the question: do I go overboard? The answer is probably yes. But that's the way I roll baby! And I still want a bald cap! Most likely I'll go to work wearing a hat with my hair hidden. Happy styling!

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