Monday, April 9, 2012


Every year I make a calendar through snapfish. They are a wonderful on line company that stores all my pictures "somewhere" for free. All I have to do is buy something once a year.

This is easy for me, I like taking pictures, scrap booking (although I haven't done this in a while), make cards and other art stuff. I like to craft, what can I say? It's my crack.....

Anyway, back to the calendars. My hopefully-soon-to-be-ex just called me asking about the calendar. See, now that we are no longer together, and I didn't make him one, and don't take his picture anymore I didn't put his picture on his birthday. So, he calls asking me why everyone else in MY family has their picture on their birthdays but he has a picture of storm clouds. Hahahaha!

Why does he think he has that picture? Really? Did he want a rose? A sunset? For me to get on his Facebook page and pay to have a picture of him to be printed? I think not. I don't hate him anymore, but this calendar isn't for him. The only reason there is even a acknowledgment of his birthday is because of our son.

Anyway, I told him there was no significance to the picture, it was just a picture I liked. (and it really is a picture I like). Does he really need to know that although it is a good picture there is a relevance to the storm clouds? Nah, let's not cause more storms than necessary. ;~)

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