Friday, March 30, 2012

Bucket list

So I guess I can add "BEING" a stalker to my "other bucket list".

There is a really nice/very cute guy where I get coffee. I happened to stop here a while back because it was on the way to where I was taking a client. I usually stop at other coffee shops, well I DID. Now I find myself deliberately going out of my way to get coffee from his store.

He is very nice every time I see him. I think in reality he is just being a great server, but in my mind he's flirting with me and we might get married. :)

When I walk in, I am immediately looking for him, if I spy him, I quickly look away so he doesn't realize I'm stalking him. However, he always will go out of his way to wave or smile. He has even been known to wave both arms around to get MY attention. Of course this is because he doesn't realize I'm just playing hard to get. I'm way ahead of him. Already seen him and I'm planning the wedding.

Ok, so I'm not really planning a wedding, and I'm not REALLY stalking him, but I do go to his store hoping to see him. I also am drinking A LOT more coffee than before. ;)

I think this morning he might have been trying to subtly ask me out, or at least feel me out as to whether or not I am interested (I AM! I say jumping up and down) but my stupid MS was acting up at the worst possible time. I didn't really catch his question about my weekend and instead of asking hi to repeat it I gave an answer that by the look on his face didn't make much sense. When I analyzed the conversation later I realized I may have made a mistake. Drat, drat, and double drat! Foiled again!

Hope he asks again, and yes, I blamed the MS! This is the first time in over a month I've blamed my MS for my stupidity so I'm long overdue!!

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