Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'll try to behave...

So I know that a couple people have stated that I over share, but it's who I am, sorry.  I just want to quickly update my last post, it's been three days on the "yogurt diet" and it actually seems to be working, go figure.  (It also still makes me hungry when I use the bathroom, and giggle)
Now on to more appropriate things...... 
I recently went to the grocery store and while there I bought some quinoa in the bulk section.  Upon arriving at check out, the cashier asked me what this bag of stuff was.  I responded quinoa, she asked what it was, I told her it was a while grain.  She then proceeded to ask me if it was a seed, I said "No, it's a whole grain, Q-U-I-N-O-A."  She checked under seed, couldn't find it.  I again told her it was a whole grain.  By this time, a line if people has formed behind me, impatiently waiting for their turn.  I told the cashier very nicely that I didn't need the quinoa today, and would come back another time to get it.  She ignored me, I guess she was on a personal quest of enlightenment at this point which rendered the customer is always right policy null and void.  She checked under everything she could think of for almost 5 minutes, at this point I was ready to slap the woman silly and apologize to the people behind me for this woman's single-mindedness.  When the clouds parted and she had an inspired thought, all on her own she decided that maybe she should check under grains.  Low and behold, she is a miracle unto herself.   She found my quinoa and rang it in. While doing this she turned to me to let me know for future reference, that quinoa is a grain.  I payed her quickly and left a little dumber than when I started.
I will say, quinoa is a great seed, no I mean grain, and I enjoyed it greatly.  You should try it, just remember, if buying in bulk, it's a grain.... enjoy!

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