Monday, October 8, 2012

Why I refuse to go in blow up attractions

While walking around Pumpkinland with my child this weekend, he was filled with a joy and wonder when coming across a blowup haunted house, or pumpkin he could crawl into and toss balloons high into the air to watch they swirl in the air currents before landing somewhere only to be tossed again. He went into the haunted mansion only to NOT reappear through the exit. I waited patiently while others came and went several times over. My sons staff finally offered to go in and find him. I had to take her up on the offer as there was NO way I was able to go into that inflatable structure. No way, no how!

What could make me so adamant about this when so many were enjoying themselves so much? The entrances and exits. As sad as it is.... I could not get over how much they resembles a vagina. Yes, that is where my mind went, and where it stayed. I just could NOT make myself enter or be "birthed" out at the end.

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