Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wedding scars

It's been a week since my cousins wedding. It was beautiful, and wonderful to share in their day with loved ones.

I don't know if you read my post about my brothers wedding and how I had a certain family member who was "a little inappropriate" to say the least.... Anyway, apparently I just have some family members who have boundary issues. My grandfather grabbed my a$$ and started growling and barking like a dog who likes what he sees. OMGoodness! When he saw the expression on my face he laughed and told me that I shouldn't be surprised, shocked or upset that he did that. (I guess I'm supposed to be grateful? I may not have a man that's interested in me, but my grandfather? Still not impressed).

My uncle from last years wedding- he was much more appropriate this time around--most likely because it was his daughter getting married-- although he did almost rip out an earring on his way by and grab me a couple of times. Other than that, I had another uncle (not actually an uncle, my cousins uncle-but he was like my uncle growing up) kept touching me every time he was near me. Putting his arm around me and hugging me every chance he got. Really? How come I can only attract older men from MY FAMILY??? Where are the non-related men I might want to date.....cause I've got to tell you... I DON'T do family on the dating circuit. (Not that I date, or have the opportunity, or can find someone who's interested...but that's another story for another time.)

Moving on, spending the evening with my brother and sister-in-law was a lot of fun, but I felt like they were babysitting me because I was alone. Way to make me feel like a winner...

There was a photo booth at the wedding, anyone who knows me knows I HATE having my picture taken, but 1&1/2 glasses of wine will make everything seem like a better idea than it was before. I got in there with several people...costumes also make it easier...

All in all, there was fun to be had, and scars that need to be overcome.

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