Thursday, August 9, 2012

People associations. Where does the mind go?

While my son and I were at camp I got thinking. Do people and places remind you of other people, places, things? They sure do for me. Camp was an interesting place for me this year.

We had guest ministers for the week. They were fabulous! I really liked them, but listening to them preach all I could think is "hmm, so that's what my friends Ben and Sarah would be like if they were ministers.....".

Now, this was probably one of the nicer similarities I saw this week. Our camp is a Methodist campground and so we have a lot of ministers who live and/or spend a lot of time there. For me, all the women look like beautiful women, but the men....... Where do I start?

We have one who looks exactly like an Amish man. He even has the voice of what I would imagine an Amish man would have. There is one who looks just like a gnome. Seriously, my mother gave me a book about gnomes and I'm pretty sure his picture is in there. A very dear friend and minister who has the happiest disposition I've ever known looks like a clown to me.... Hmmm, could this association have anything to do with the year he was director of Campmeeting and his theme was clowns? Maybe so.

These three men I have loved since I was a little girl and for years have seen these similarities. However, there is another, one who I have pondered long and hard about. I knew he reminded me of someone but it never came to the forefront of my mind. I have spent years wracking my brain. Well this year, while sitting in communion it finally hit me.

Have you ever watched the old tv show "Land Of The Lost"? If not, did you see the Will Ferrell movie? He reminds me of a Sleestack. (probably spelled that wrong). Ok, so the man I know isn't green and scaly, and the eyes are a little off, and he doesn't have a boney ridge on the top of his head.... but other than that...he's a dead ringer!

Then of course I felt guilty for thinking of R as a Sleestack, but I can't help it. It's what he looks like. I don't think any less of him. He is a wonderful man and minister, now I just think Sleestack when I see him and smile.

Do you find yourself making strange associations like this? Am I really just that weird?

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