Monday, August 27, 2012

Children are not pillows

As I was hanging out with my son today I laid down on the bed with him and used his stomach as a pillow. He makes a good pillow what can I say? This is actually a game we have played throughout the years. He giggles and pushes me away, and I keep trying to use him as a comfy pillow.

Today went a little different than usual-

I laid my head down ad told him he makes a good pillow. He pushed me off and then jumped off the bed yelling "no!"
Me: come back! I need my pillow
Son: no! I am not a pillow.
Me: but you make such a good one.
Son: you can't make me, and it hurts me
Me: how?
Son: well, I'm not saying you're fat...
Me: I gave him "the look" (the one that moms give so well saying you're treading on very thin ice right now, be careful what you say)
Son: I'm not, but how can a 10 year old boy support the weight of a 35 year old adult?

Boy he's good, I'll give him that. He danced his way out of serious trouble, and told me I was 4 years younger than I am. He's good, but I've got my eye on him........

He really does make a good pillow...

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