Friday, June 22, 2012

Raccoon face

I have been walking around all day with my sunglasses on asking my clients, co-workers and family if they want to see a magic trick.

If they say yes, I tell them to look closely at my face and tell me if they think it is me, the person. When they say yes, I lift my sunglasses and say abra-cadabra! And tell them I'm a raccoon.

See, if you didn't figure it out....I got a sunburn yesterday while wearing sunglasses. Yeah, I so wasn't smart yesterday. I forgot the sunscreen on my face. I did apply it to the rest of me, however, I put it on while wearing my t-shirt. So, 1/2 an hr later, when I took my shirt off I SHOULD have applied sunscreen to my chest, shoulders and upper back. This I didn't do. Instead I sat in the blazing hot sun for 3&1/2 hours. Can we say char-broiled?

To top it all off, when putting the sunscreen on my legs, I bent down a little to spray and in doing so I missed the lower half of my thighs. How did I do that you ask? Good question, let me explain:

I wear bathing suits that look like mini dresses, because it gives me the illusion that I look thinner, or at least hides how fat I really am. If I'm honest I know that it doesn't fool anyone, but I am able to live in the fantasy of the non-illusion.

Anyway, bending over in a skirted bathing suit means that the skirt follows and covers up more of my legs than it will while I am standing. Did I take that into consideration while applying the sunscreen? Of course not. Should I have? Yes, yes I should have. Especially since I've been wearing this type of suit for many years now.

So, to sum up: I have a reverse raccoon face (red face with white burglar mask), crispy chest/shoulders/upper back, and the tops of my knees are bright red as well. I hope the rest of the summer is not full of this much forgetfulness of sunscreen safety. Otherwise I will be going braless most of the summer, to heck with my need for the support!!!
I have to admit I am wearing one right now, but it's only because I have in home support for my son here, and we play a lot, and because I am going to drop my son off at my parents house in a little while and I know how it would really bother them. However, I can assure you that as soon as I am back in the car the bra will be coming off. Ahh, even the thought of that freedom brings a smile to my face.

Please remember to wear your sunscreen, you do not want to end up like me..... Happy summer!

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