Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My surgery

I did tell you I had surgery back in April right? Well, I was working tonight and talking to a co-worker about my now being 3/4's of a woman.  Yes, that's right, I am 3/4's of a woman and loving it.  I certainly don't miss periods, I don't even get the cramps anymore!!  SCORE!
Why am I 3/4's of a woman do you ask?  Well, I still have my breatsicles, I still have my ovaries, and I still have my hoo-hoo ( you know what I mean)  but I don't have my womb.
Anyway, we were talking about our experiences of having a hysterectomy.  She had one and loved it too!  Anyway, we discovered that we are both fascinated with the body and how it works.  We both love the show Trauma in the ER.  How funny!  She said that she wanted to watch her surgery.  I shared I wanted them to video tape mine.  During our fascinating discussion with our lady parts and their removal, I shared with her that I did get pictures from mine.  I will share(not the pictures, your welcome!) that I was disappointed that they only took pictures of my uterus before removal.  However the last picture was a little more interesting.  It was a picture of my cervical stump.  Yes, you heard right!!!!  I had a tree inside me.  The surgeon cut it down and I now have a stump.  I am a walking medical miracle!  Ha! 
Just thought I'd share.  Sorry if it was TMI.  But that's the way I roll!

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