Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I think my hamster Sophie needs an intervention.  Every night she gets in her hamster ball. ( we put her in, she doesn't open her cage, climb into the ball and put on the lid herself)  Once in:  The race is on!  She is a little speed demon.  This is not the problem though......  The problem is--I think she's a closet alcoholic.  When in her ball she runs into EVERYTHING!  Seriously, unless she gets lucky with a wide open space (and we don't have many of those) she is hitting something every few inches.  Yes, you heard me right, inches, not feet.
I guess it's good that it doesn't faze here, although if she is drunk, she wouldn't feel it anyway. I'm thinking of getting a few people together for an intervention.  If you know how one is supposed to be run let me know.  I've never been a part of one.  I'm open to any suggestions and help.  Wish me luck.  I hope she is ready to listen and acknowledge she needs help.

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