Saturday, November 5, 2011

Do you remember?

Do you remember thinking you were so clever saying something you weren't supposed to as a child over and over and laughing that you weren't really getting in trouble?  I remember being a kid, I had a friend (PH) over and she said the word puke in front of my mother.  She got very upset, it's one of those words she can't stand.  She asked my friend not to use that word.  My response was: "What? You don't like the word puke?  What's wrong with puke?  It's not swearing to say Puke.  So why can't she say puke?  I mean I don't have a problem with the word puke, so why do you have a problem with the word puke?"  and on and on I went.  My mother chased me around the dining room table trying to grab me, probably to slap me for continually using the "p" word.
Well, my son has now learned how to do that, much to the amusement of my family.  He has been swearing at school lately, not to our amusement, when we told him he would be punished at home for that language (at home or school) he switched to calling the teachers:  you blanketty blank!  Well, he is clever, he's not swearing.  He likes to rat out his father, saying that he's learned this language from the shows his dad watches while he's around.
I've now been ratted out myself.  He was at my parents house last week.  He was telling my mom about getting in trouble with the "bad words".  Then told her that he now says blankety blank.  When asked if he means the same thing he said yes.  My mom told him that he still shouldn't say it then.  His response ( the little nark!) was "I know another bad word"  My mom asked what it was saying he could say it once to tell her but that was it.  He said "ass". My mother asked where he heard it.  He said I told him to "get your God-damned ass upstairs!"  Then he said, I don't think it's fair, mom can say ass, why can't I say ass.  Then he continued in this vain  working the word ass in as much as possible, much like I did as a child with the word puke.
I admit, it was not my proudest moment telling him that, but he had been jumping on my last nerve for about 1/2 hour already and it was time for bed.
So anyway, my mothers wish came true.  I have a son who is doing the same thing to me that I did to my mother.  What an ASS, makes me want to PUKE!!!!!

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  1. OMG - I remember that! I also remember being mortified when you continued to say PUKE, because me, being the "polite girl" was more than willing to oblige your mothers (odd and bizarre) request.