Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ah, the joys of motherhood.

My son wants to grow his hair long.  OK, no big deal, it doesn't hurt anyone right?  So I let him alone.  It's long enough (really not long yet) that he is constantly getting a rats nest in the back.  I brush it out as painlessly as possible, but he still complains and tries to pull away.  I repeatedly explain that if he wants his hair longer it needs to be brushed at least once a day.  He doesn't like it but is (mostly) letting me do it.  Well, for a couple of weeks now he has developed this annoying head jerk.  A lot of people ask if it is a tic.  I think it's because his hair is getting into his eyes, but he refuses to get it cut.  Tonight I decided I didn't care, I had him stand there while I trimmed his bangs.  I promised I would only do enough to get it out of his eyes.  Holy Crap!! I did it!  I was terrified, let me tell you.  The last time I cut someone's hair (not counting my hopefully-soon-to-be-ex but that's another hilarious story) was when I was a kid and I ended up with 1/4 inch bangs, they looked eerily similar to the time my other cut my bangs and felt so horrible for what she had done to me she bought me a pair of jeans and a pair of earrings.   Anyway, I'm sure they are not straight, but you can't even tell, but you can see his beautiful eyes now.
I have a collage frame in my living room.  In the center are 2 pictures.  One of me as a young girl and one of my grandmother at about the same age.  We look like sisters.  Well, I looked at them again and to my shock, My son looks like us too. I pointed this out, he looked in the mirror and decided he thinks he looks like one of the Beatles.  (Paul)  Oh how his mind thinks...... then he started singing a little song he made up on the spot about my never having seen his bum.  Ah, what a proud moment......................

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