Monday, July 25, 2011


As the time to head to camp fast approaches I can't help but remember last year and wonder what could possibly be in store this year....
Last year, I bought a small 8 ft pool for my backyard. The only level area in my yard is next to the fence which is next to a very busy road. So, I invested in a tent 10ftx10ft. Then I invested in sides for the tent, as no one needs to see me in a bathing suit. Then I realised I needed some matting for the pool to sit on so it would be protected. All in all it was a great set up. Only cost me about $300. It was in place, and enjoyed tremendously for 3 weeks before my son and I left for camp.
I packed, checked and double checked to make sure we had everything we needed. Car was packed, we were ready. All I could think was "I'm on my way to the best place on earth. We drove the 45 minutes and we were finally there. I breathed deep and felt myself relax. I unloaded the car, turned on the power and opened up the camp. We were here, a whole week of relaxation and fellowship with the people I consider my "other family". We took a walk around the circle, a time honored tradition, to see who was there already. I turned on the water when we got back to the camp, the pump burned out after 30 sec of water. Really??? I just bought the pump last year. We've used it maybe 12 times. Oh well, there's plenty of water on the grounds. No big deal. As long as I can visit with friends, go to communion, enjoy an hr to exercise while my son is at jr bible study in am, do arts and crafts and go to song service at night, it will be a fantastic week.
First full day of campmeeting. I tell my son I'll be at communion for 1/2hr at the chapel ( the great thing about camp is the extra freedom for my son and me) I was there enjoying the opening hymn when in walks my son, he needs me. Can't wait for communion to end, I have to come back to the camp now. Ok, as long as I can visit with my friends, enjoy an hr to excersise, arts and crafts, and song service it will be a great week.
Next up is jr bible study, I walk my son to class anticipating my work out at the camp, only to have my child have a melt down as I go to leave. Sounds rediculous I know, but my child is special needs so there are extenuating circumstances. He is also refusing to use the bathrooms as he's seen spiders on the outside of the building. Ok, as long as I can visit with friends, do arts and crafts, and enjoy song service, it will be a great week.
As we are walking back to my camp I run into a friend I haven't seen since the last year. We start to catch up, my son gets aggitated and pulling me to the camp. She follows, not picking up on my kids cues, I on the other hand pick up on them, I just choose to ignore them. My friend comes into the camp and sits down. We are talking, having a years worth of news to share. My child interupts every two minutes and starts to escalate to the point that my friend has to leave 15 min upon arriving. AS LONG AS I can enjoy arts and crafts and song service I'll have a great week!!!!!
That afternoon after going to the beach ( where I found out my accountant screwed up and got
me an individual pass to state parks and not a vehicle pass- makes a difference!) we head over to arts and crafts. Only to have to turn around half way there because my son is refusing to go. AS LONG AS I CAN ENJOY SONG SERVICE IT WILL BE A GOOD WEEK!
We eat dinner, after dinner we head to the chapel for song service. Miracle of miracles!!! I get to stay! I sing my heart out! I have so much fun I barely notice my child has left the chapel and gone back to our camp. It's going to be a great week.
2 days later, we have to go home for an appt with my sons psychiatrist. We leave early to stop home for a shower for me and a bath for him. This is where I lost it. The tent over the pool had blown over into a tree, frame bent and top and sides ripped. The frame had ripped a huge unrepairable hole in the pool. The foam matting under the pool had blown in the street. After my huge meltdown, we got cleaned up, cleaned up the yard and off to the appt. Headed back to camp, still had 5 more days after today! 2 days later after only participating in song service my child demanded to go home. Are you
kidding me???
So, from last year to this year I'm not sure what I should expect. Especially learning there is no song service this year. Here's hoping that with all my sons growth this year it won't be so Chevy Chase like. Happy camping everyone.

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