Saturday, August 13, 2011

Vacation at camp

Well, we made it through our vacation. This year I was able to go to communion every morning, and song service on the three days we had it. I even had a conversation or three with the people at the campgrounds. While certainly not a great or perfect week, but it was so much better than last year, we're calling it a rousing success.
How did it go so well this year you ask? Mario Kart for the wii. That's how. Yup, I bought the game and let my child play it all week. He even put an ad in the daily paper inviting others to come play with him. A few came, but it was almost non stop wii all week. I mean I was certainly all wii'd out. Was this the most responsible decision? No, it wasn't. But if you read my last post you'll understand why I sold out for the week. Now, don't get me wrong, he still went to jr bible study in the am, we went on regular walks around the grounds every day, he socialized at least a little everyday with other kids, we went to the beach almost everyday and he was a server at his classes breakfast. How amazing to be served breakfast by my kid with no complaints!!
Of course I took my showers after he went to bed. This means walking up to the bathrooms and leaving him alone in the camp. I even walked around the grove Thursday night to see the luminaries and show my support. So, it was better than the last couple of years, and I'm trying not to complain for that reason. Of course there is the added bonus of coming home to find the pool and tent still up and not damaged. I even did a little happy dance when I finally convinced myself that it was still there and truely not damaged in our absence. Now I just want to go back!!!

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  1. Glad you had a good time Emmy dear! You deserve it!