Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gender identity

So, my question today is: how do you deal with an 8 yr old boy, who says he's a girl? I love my son, and accept him for whoever he is. He told me a couple months ago that he is a girl. Ok. I'll be ok with that. He gave me his new name, I let her pick out underwear, since she has gained so much weight from hopefully-soon-to-be-ex-husbands frequent trips to dairy queen and her medications. See? I'm referring to my child as a she....I'm growing in acceptance. Aren't you proud? So she picked out girls underwear. The smile on her face every morning in her flowery underwear makes it hard to be in anyway uncomfortable with the situation. She came into my bedroom the other morning, (naked- her favorite way to sleep), cupping her chest excited that she had boobs and wishing she had bras for little girls. How the heck do I deal with this??? Cause she really does have boybies, but it's from the weight gain, not from female hormones.
The other problem is she's happy to be a he when it's convenient. Take yesterday for instance. HE was quick to whip off his shirt and go topless to get in the pool, he also has the VERY male tendency to grab himself almost constantly. I guess the topless thing could still be a she thing, and she's just growing up to be an exhibitionist.
I guess I should just be grateful. I've always wanted two children, a boy and a girl. I just happen to have them both in one child. AT THE SAME TIME!!!!! I mean really, how many parents can say that. So for now, I'll take it one moment at a time, and love my child for who he/she is. Have a wonderful night.

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