Sunday, July 10, 2011

Beloved beachball

So, last week I bought a beach ball. I just wanted one for the pool, I didn't realize it was going to be so large. It took up 1/4 of the pool. (doesn't mean too much as it's a small 8ft round pool). Anyway, my son and I realized it was too big to enjoy in the pool and put it just outside the pool but still in the tent. (the pool is inside a tent because I live on a very busy street and the only level area for the pool leaves us very exposed. Plus my son likes to swim naked when I will allow it, and I have a little {ok a lot} too much of me to be comfortable exposing myself to the whole city of South Portland). The very next day, while I was at work and my son was at his fathers apartment for the night there was a storm that blew through. I got home, went to bed, woke and got on with my day. It was later that afternoon when we came home from an appt and had my sons friend over and in the pool did I realize that my giant beach ball was missing.
I couldn't decide if I was annoyed at having lost a ball I just purchased and wasted the $5 or more amused at the idea of it rolling down Broadway to the amusement, astonishment, and confusion of the people walking/driving down the road. Amusement won. I quickly thought of making missing posters to put up around the neighborhood. I giggled at the thought and diissed it as too silly. That is until I posted my tragic tale on facebook and had a friend dare me to make up signs. So I rose to the challenge and quickly made my sign, which a 2 year old could Have made look better by the way....I'd post the picture of my sign but I'm not tchnilogically advanced enough to figure out how.

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