Friday, December 20, 2013

I'm sick of marriage proposals that go no where

I spent a large chunk of my morning this past Sunday and again on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning shoveling out my driveway. I don't have a large driveway, but it is on the wide side, and I seem to live in a vortex. 

When I woke up Sunday morning I looked outside and the first thing I saw was the neighbors yard (I was upstairs in my room and that was the first sight). I was heartened to notice there wasn't as much snow as predicted. Then I went downstairs, suited up and couldn't open my door without considerable effort because of the amount of snow pressed against my door. What?  I looked to my neighbors yard, I looked at the end of their driveway, didn't look bad....why was there almost twice as much in my yard??  My only guess is the wind, the wind decided my neighbors weren't as welcoming of large amounts of snow as my yard.  I have decided the wind is not my friend, it didn't consult me and my desire for the majority of the snow in the neighborhood...

So, I have spent a large amount of my time and energy shoveling this week, and while out there you want to know what I was thinking?  Well, when I wasn't cursing the city plow trucks (again, I got the lucky draw of getting the lions share of snow dumped at the end of my driveway) I was quietly....ok, maybe not so quietly fuming that I have had 2 men talk about marrying me in the last month and yet, neither one of them showed up to pick up a shovel.  

Listen up, to ALL men who might be interested in marrying me now and in the want my hand....give me yours first and I'll put a shovel in it, then we will consider putting a ring on it!  

That is all.

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