Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hair styles

My son decided he wanted to get his hair cut. 

This is a big deal in my house because the sensory input from a haircut is usually too much for him to deal with, and there is the fact that half the time he says he's a girl and therefore wants long hair....

Anyway, he decided he wanted his hair cut like one of his favorite soccer players- Cristiano Reynaldo. Here is the picture he found to show the hair stylist: 

Is it wrong therefore that I found a better picture to look at?

Much better......

So, in we went to Snip-It's with pictures in hand. 

When all was said and done, it looked great, the styling was a little different, but he decided that he was a cross between Reynaldo and another favorite of his Messi. He calls himself Messinaldo. I think it works!

I am still keeping this picture though..... just sayin...

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