Friday, September 27, 2013

Interesting times....

I don't know how funny this post will be, more interesting than anything I guess.  I will apologize now if I disappoint you.

I use this blog to write about my personal experiences that I find funny/interesting/weird and write about them with my own unique look at them. This blog has been an outlet for me, and while public I find it interesting to learn that certain people read it to "keep tabs on me" 

First I will say, this is MY blog, I can write whatever I want to in it and do not need to explain myself to anyone. I don't need to explain timelines which may or may not be accurate depending on when I write immediately or feel the need to ruminate on the subject. 

Second I will say, I find it odd when people walk out of my life why they apparently don't have a life which is fulfilling enough to live without having to know the details of mine. It must be awfully frustrating to know I don't regularly post every detail, although I will admit, you do get about half of the interesting stories.....too bad that I have a mental filter or two and you don't get some of the more interesting details......
Sorry about that ;)

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