Thursday, June 13, 2013


I wrote a post about my upcoming hair cut...first I have to say that usually when I ask a stylist to give me a different look she will trim my hair 2-3 inches and refresh my layers. Don't get me wrong...I like the style, I think it looks good on me, I'll probably go back to it too. However, when I say I want something different, I actually mean it. Today my stylist listened and gave me something different.  I like it too, but that is t what I wanted to write about today. 

Today I want to talk about hairstylists making me self conscious. I'm sure it's about making more money and not a statement on my face, but as she was washing my hair she asked if I wanted her to wax my eyebrows. Well I immediately became self conscious.  In my mind "why?  Is it that obvious they aren't professionally maintained?  Are they bolder than Brooke Shields?  Have I been in denial all my life?  Do I have my families (fathers side) wings for eyebrows?  She wouldn't ask if it wasn't necessary right?"    So I said "ok"

Then she asked about my lip. "Ok". So, I got my eyebrows AND upper lip waxed. I felt like Sasquatch. (But I don't anymore!)

Before...and after...

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