Friday, January 25, 2013

Sometimes you just wish you had a video camera

My son and I went to visit my parents today. When he took his jacket off I noticed something on the back of his shirt. I came closer and realized it was a tangled piece of thread, most likely from the jacket. I took it off his shirt, and spontaneously decided to joke with him. I told him I just removed a spider from his shirt. He didn't buy it, and told me so. I went to show him the thread when it accidentally fell on his arm. He screamed and backed away from me as fast as his legs could carry him.

My parents helped me to calm him down, I apologized but he wouldn't come near me for about 5 minutes. He was really mad at me. I know I should feel bad, but I was laughing too hard. My mom scolded me for laughing.....(while fighting a smile of her own)

It was one of those moments I really wish I had my video camera on. I could have made a fortune on AFV! Trust me, it was hilarious

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