Sunday, March 11, 2012


Well, I did it. I even got some laughs. I really cut loose Thursday night. I had a few drinks, 3 and didn't even have to buy any myself. Yes, I was that good. Ha! After stand-up we went to OPT for karaoke. There was a drunk couple there who were trying to give me "material" for my stand-up career I finally had to stop them by telling them to relax. If I can find material at
The gynecologist office, I could find some at OPT.

The surprise of the night was not that I got some laughs, but that I did karaoke and was one of the worst ones up there. Those of you who know me know I actually have a lot of singing experience and training. So why was I so terrible? I blame the alcohol. I don't usually drink so it hit me pretty hard. (I also blame the alcohol for getting me up there to sing in the first place. )

This picture is from OPT, but not of me

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  1. YOU WERE AWESOME! alcohol or not - you ROCKED - and, I have had several professional comedians tell me you have great potential, and they hope you come back =)