Saturday, September 10, 2011


So I have this "friend". Every time she posts something on facebook (inspirational sayings, funny posts) her soon-to-be-ex is so paranoid he feels the need to ask her if they were meant about him. It may be hard for my "friend" to move on with her life with him being so front and center in her life, but this does not mean that her world revolves around him.
My "friend" likes to put up quotes that inspire her. If she's been hurt by someone (not always/ not even usually her soon-to-be-ex) or about things she needs to work on in her life and herself.
Why then, is the ex so paranoid that every time one of these quotes are posted, he is asking "her" if it was about him. Does this mean that he knows that because of his actions they could apply to him? Does he feel guilty? Is he worried that everyone else will automatically think it's about him? Food for thought.....
Sure glad MY hopefully-soon-to-be-ex isn't like that. ;)

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  1. Two words "block him"... Four words "he'll get over it" Three words "I love ya!"