Saturday, September 17, 2011


I have always loved dragonflies.  I'm not sure why I've always found them so beautiful and fascinating, but there you are.  Several years ago I was out with friends and we all got tattoos.  Mine was of a dragonfly.
My husband was disgusted.  Told me he would never have sex with me again.  4 months later I was pregnant with our son.  So much for sticking to his convictions.....
Anyway, my mother was another one who was not happy about the tattoo.  Once she got over me having a tattoo, she was most upset of the placement.  It is on my chest, just above my left breast.  She likes to tell me that when I'm a little old lady ( see previous post....I'm well on my way) it will be all stretched out and look like a praying mantis.  I however an looking forward to the day when I'm 85 and living in a nursing home and known by all the nurses and CNA's as "draggingfly"  I think it's funny, and I assume that I will continue to have my own unique sense of humor as I grow old. 
Everyone should have a nickname and I think mine will be fitting when the time comes.

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