Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hi, let me start off with a little information about myself and what I'm doing here. I haven't a clue. I was told I should blog about some of the more stupid aspects of my life, and I said okay. I am not a great writer, so if you're looking for eloquence, please look elsewhere.
I am a mother of a child with significant developmental delays and mental health issues, whatever that means. I also have my own health issues as well.

Hope you enjoy.
P.S.~ This is not for the feint of heart........

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  1. I think it's great that you are writing about your life. You have a way with words (much like your mom) and you insert humor whenever possible, which I LOVE. I know your life has not been easy, especially the past few years, but you are strong and always seem to get through everything and somehow find humor in it, whenever possible. I really admire that about you!!!
    Keep writing, and it will help you vent/process, which will ultimately promote a better over all sense of well-being for you, if that makes sense. Keep it up buttercup! :)