Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cavalia Odysseo

My brother called a couple of months ago asking if my son and I would be interested in coming down to Boston to see Cavalia. I'll admit that at first I wasn't sure I was excited about it, not knowing what the heck it was. However, a quick search on the Internet made me extremely excited to see the show.  It is a cross between an equestrian show and Cirque De Soleil. (Sp?). So, I talked to my son about it, showed him a trailer of it on YouTube and he was hooked too. 

My brother, who is generous to a fault, bought the tickets, and train tickets for my son and I.  We arrived at North Station and were greeted by my brother, we drove to his condo where we met his wife and we all took off once more to a sidewalk arts/crafts show about 1/2 a mile away. Turns out it was right near where Cavalia was all set up for their spectacular. This is how I was able to get a picture of the huge tent.  We had lunch at the local Burger Dive, and meandered through the stalls looking at the amazing things people have made. There really was some fantastic things, and a couple of scary things (someone was selling mason jar lights that were filled with dolls---can we say creepy!)

After we went back to my brothers to chill for a little bit before walking down to the show. It was very impressive from the start, we found our seats and as the lights went down my son looked at me and stated he needed to go to the bathroom. Really??? You couldn't have said something 5 minutes ago?

So, off we went disturbing about 6 people to get to the aisle, we got outside where the bathrooms were set up.....he didn't make it....he left a trail of diarrhea to the bathrooms. After a couple of minutes I followed him into the men's room and helped him clean up. I don't understand, how did it get on the walls?  It was on the floor, all over and down the side of the toilet, but did it get on the walls?!?!  I rinsed out his shorts as best I could...not a lot of water pressure so you can imagine how well I did. I washed his sneakers because he got it on them (and he stepped in it with deep treads-yuck!). We got back to see most of the first half, but the smell was distracting. 

The show was amazing!  It was fantastic!  The acrobatics my favorite parts, but the horses and horse tricks were close. We got to the intermission ad my son said he needed to leave because sitting in smelly wet shorts and sneakers were too uncomfortable. (I can't say I blame him!). My brother and sister-in-law wanted to stay because the show was so good but also because they paid a lot of money for us to go. (Can't say I blame them either!)

So, during the 30 minute intermission my son and I ran down the road and across the boulevard to a Kmart, bought a new shirt, shorts and shoes for $15.95. I was pretty impressed with that. Then ran to the back far corner to the bathrooms. He changed into his new clothes, we triple bagged his soiled ones and booked it back to the show. I was very surprised that we made it into our seas just as the lights were going down for the second half. I could finally relax and enjoy the show!  I could catch my breath and soak in the sights and sounds........NOT! 

2 minutes in my son turned to me- "I need to go o the bathroom again."  NO!  This seriously could not be happening to me right now. We just went through this. 

Off we went, this time he made it to the port-a-potty and threw up. We walked back and then had to run back so he could throw up again. The Cavalia people were wonderful and found us aisle seats near the front so we could sit and enjoy the show knowing we could get to the bathrooms faster an without disturbing people. We were able to watch about half of the second half between bathroom runs but missed the grand finale. Oh well, what we saw was great, but the poor people in charge of cleaning that bathroom.....I'm sure they never want to see us again!

At least it wasn't a boring trip!
This picture is of the huge tent erected for the show 
This one just made me giggle like an immature pre-teen
My son walking to the show

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