Monday, July 15, 2013

I love to sing

I have always loved to sing. My mother loves to tell anyone that I was singing "The Sweetheart Tree" and reciting the pledge of allegiance when I was 2 years old. She also likes to tell people that, by being born in a teaching hospital (and her not knowing she could refuse) I was born to a room full of light and the applause of several student doctors.  This must be where I get my love of performing from. 

As I was saying, I love to sing, I sang in the children's choir and then the adult choir. I sang in chorus throughout school and even went to college for music education and sang my way through there too. I have sung at weddings and funerals, local music theatre and recitals. I am even asked to sing as a soloist at a couple churches now and then. Unfortunately my life has been very busy over the last several years and this is one passion that has been put on the sidelines mostly. I do however still love to sing and have finally found my niche. 

I sing at the home I currently work in. (I work with adults with developmental disabilities)  I have recently found that my current consumer LOVES when I sing. My past clients have hated my singing and I have used it to "persuade" them to do what they need to be doing. (I don't think you can say its violating clients rights or real torture because I can sing lol). These clients all like heavy metal and screaming like Korn or Disturbed, not opera, broadway or gospel. 

This client however likes my singing!  She really does. The only problem.........she's deaf!  I guess this is what my life has come to.....singing to deaf people. Well, we are both happy and that's all that counts right?

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