Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's none of your business!

Why the title?  Well, my ex is sticking his nose where it doesn't belong yet again....and getting it wrong yet again.

According to my son he's been asking about me. "Is mommy seeing anyone?  Does mommy have any new friends? Etc etc..."  This is not what my ex says is what it is.  Anyway, I HAVE been seeing someone of late. A very dear man who I care about a lot. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be and we ended it recently. Sigh....

I have a friend, she rides a motorcycle. She is in love and engaged to be married.  She just moved in with her fiancé 2 blocks from my house. (I see cookouts, and fun times in our futures!). She asked if she could store her motorcycle in my garage. Of course!  What are friends for?  They dropped it off  today....

I arrived home for work tonight, the ex stated the son had a good day- here's the funny part- he tells me that my son told him I had a boyfriend named "M". Then he tells me that "M" was here dropping off the motorcycle. He was very surprised to realize that I was dating "M" as it is someone we both know. Then He asked if it had been 6 months since we started dating since he was coming over to the house. 

I laughed....that he would assume there is only one "M" in my life. I don't know how my friend will feel finding out this way that I'm dating her fiancé, or how he will feel finding out we are dating...."M", you're a fantastic man...but I don't poach from anyone, especially from such a good friend, I hope you understand. Love you both!

And to my "M"...I hope you are happy, I will always care and miss you....but I don't think we got the timing right. 

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