Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I love ice cream

Who doesn't love ice cream?  I mean are you with me?  Well, I've been really struggling for the last week or so.....too many sad and hard things going on. So, how do I deal?  I wait for staff to take my son out to eat and sneak out to Dairy Queen. Duh....

I ordered a I need a quart?  No, but after the last several days...I want one darn it. Doesn't mean I will eat the whole thing tonight....doesn't mean I won't either!  The girl behind the window was getting a cover when the woman at the next window started freaking out!  "OMG! Is that my shake?  That's huge!  I can't possibly drink all that!  That's huge for a medium shake!"  I pointed out that it was a quart of ice cream that she was getting for me. The look of relief was so profound on her face. We both started laughing like we had never had a funnier experience. Ahh how I needed that laugh. 

I went on to explain how a couple of years ago I ordered a quart and the put it in a bag with a I ate the whole thing. It was their fault!  They shouldn't  have given me a spoon. The spoon tells me it is a single serving, so I went with it. The woman laughed and said she completely understood my thought process. By this time her shake had arrived and she was visibly relieved to see the size. 

So, the question tonight this a single serving kind of night?  I just don't know.... 

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