Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My pants don't like me!

Well, did I ever tell you the story about when I started losing weight a few years ago? I was up on the roof wearing a t shirt and jeans. Why was I on the roof you ask? I was laying on the roof cleaning out the gutters. I started on one end and shimmied my way across the roof cleaning as I went. When I was done I realized I was laying on the roof with my pants half way down to my knees. Yikes! Not a good look, sorry neighbors!

Yesterday I was working. After the trash was picked up I went outside to bring in the trash and recycling barrels. Apparently, my pants are starting to be a little loose again. However, this time my underwear was too! Time to get new undies I would say. By the time I made it up the driveway, my pants and underwear guessed it! Almost halfway to my knees again. This time right across the street from a catholic school too. Thank goodness the trash barrel was behind me, hope no one was looking out those windows though. If they were they probably will have nightmares for months.

For those of you who actually read this....I'm pretty sure you know that I am not too embarrassed to share all the terribly embarrassing stories about my life. I was a little jealous of a friend who had some therapy done for her pelvic floor, they attached little electrodes down in the wa-hoo area and were sending very mild pulses to stimulate muscle contractions to improve tone. Well, as you can imagine I was very jealous that I didn't have that for a story to share with you. However, I have a more embarrassing story to tell:

Have you ever had a dream where you had to go to the bathroom? And the toilet was so extremely comfortable? Do you see where I'm going with this?

Yes, I wet the bed....I'm 39 and I wet the bed. Not a lot....just a little bit, but it was enough that I felt I needed to change the sheets. I didn't know what to think when I realized what I had done. I mean after jumping up and making a beeline for the REAL toilet. How embarrassing, that's something you decide to take to the grave with you, never telling a soul.....

So naturally I blogged about it!

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