Thursday, February 7, 2013

Angles are everything

I took my son to see Disney on Ice last night. I took a bunch of pictures of him there and took a final picture when we arrived home to commemorate the night.

He was wearing the fairy flower hat and holding his sword. He was a fairy warrior! He then wanted to take my picture wearing the hat and holding the sword....

I decided that I would kind of crouch down---hoping that the angle would hide my 5 chins (ok, I only have 3 but you know what I mean). It may have slightly minimized my chins but he got my entire body.

I look like we had been in a battle and he had cut off my leg. In reality, when I see this picture I have to laugh because I see a bonbon on a stick...

I guess I really need to get serious about my weight loss. This is NOT the first time I have looked like a bonbon, and unfortunately I will probably look like one again....

The weirdest thing about this? Whenever I say "bonbon on a stick" (which is a lot today because it makes me laugh) I say it in a Mexican accent -yes, even in my head right now- because for some reason it reminds me of Jeff Dunham's Jose the jalapeño on a stick. Weird right???

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