Monday, September 3, 2012

Weddings for the single woman

What could this possibly be about you ask? I'll tell you. When you are single and invited to a wedding, etiquette would dictate the invitation be addressed the intended invitee and guest, or +1.

Now, I didn't realize it at the time but when my brother got married the invitation was addressed to ONLY me. I understand my son not being invited. A lot of people do not want children at their wedding, I get that. The reason I am thinking about my brothers wedding is because my cousin is getting married next month and I just got my invitation to her wedding.

Surprise! It is addressed to only me again. I know that I am only days/weeks till I am a legally single woman, but I've been living alone for going on 3 years now. Do my family really think I can't find a date to a wedding? They don't even give me the option for a date. I'm feeling very insulted. I have to tell you that if the next wedding I'm invited to it doesn't have a +1 I am adding this to my "other bucket list".

How rude!


  1. I PROMISE the invite to our wedding will say Emily plus who ever the hell she pleases to bring! =)