Friday, September 7, 2012

Body Shape Wear

I have to be honest. When I went to my brothers wedding last year I bought a couple of body shape wear items. My original thought was that they would make my round body shape look like a size 8 hourglass. This is NOT what happens to a plus size lady. Let's just be clear on THAT!

For all you thin and in shape women who wear these for no reason I can understand, I'm sure they suck you right in. For us big girls, the lumps only look slightly less lumpy. Not only this, but another wonderful benefit (I discovered today while my sons staff were sitting in the kitchen playing LEGOS with him and I was making his supper-in the kitchen too!) is that they do not provide a place for your pants to "grip". By this I mean as I bent over to put the homemade pizza in the oven I realized my pants were down around my knees. Not the most attractive look, and not a show I want to give to staff.

I do not know if either staff witnessed my strip tease in the kitchen or if they were too focused on my son and the Legos. Since they are both professional and didn't say anything we will go with they saw nothing. Yeah, lets go with that.

I am on my way out for a date and now on top of all the dating worries, I now have to hope my pants stay up so he doesn't think I'm easy. Wish me luck!

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